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Buy Dab Rigs Online are a specific type of water pipe used primarily for smoking oils, extracts, or concentrates. “Dabbing” is the process by which these oils, extracts, or concentrates are smoked through a vapor rig. Dab Rigs come with a dome and a glass/titanium/quartz nail.

Dabbing has increased greatly in popularity recently. Some have referred to it as a trend, but with the benefits it offers smokers it appears that it’s here to stay. The most noticeable difference between dabbing and traditionally smoking out of a glass water pipe is the less harsh smoking experience. The concentrate is burned at an extremely high temperature (due to the heating of the nail) which means there is no combustion process.

This creates vapor instead of traditional smoke, making a dab rig smoother and easier on the lungs. Dabbing with dab rigs is also more simple because it is a more uniform experience. The amount used every time is very similar, and its greater consistency in quantity has led many smokers to stray away from flower and customary water pipes. Dabbing is also beneficial because of its convenient two step process. Buy Dab Rigs Online

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